This is a story about us all.  Humans, at our foundation, desire significance.  If you’re honest with yourself, you feel it.  You are either excited about what you are doing with your life, or you are searching for something more.   Pursuing meaningful work that gets you out of bed is possible for you.

Why Crafted Design?  Design is crucial to your work and how you live.  Through an honest and transparent lens, this is a resource to explore critical questions and issues about how to make your work meaningful through a crafted design.  As humans, we have a common foundation or operating system we all function on.  This is our default.  The default operating system is selfish, scared, and predictable.  It leads to resistance and the tendency toward mediocrity.  There is an alternative.

You either live by default, or design-there is no alternative.  We’ll explore living by design with focus on ideas and implementation.  How to start, design, build, and implement the meaningful work.  What you will find are stories that inspire you.  We’ll think strategically together and address the root cause.  By asking the right questions, and breaking down the design, you will make incremental shifts towards meaningful change.  You were made for something more.  Let’s pursue significance.

About Nic

I’m the editor and creator of Crafted Design.  Here is a a brief synopsis about my experience to qualify me for people who care.

Nic believes that it’s possible to inspire change through meaningful work.  He made Director of a large financial institution at 30 and is currently leading two national product launches.   With a decade of experience leading operations, strategy, and intrapreneurially startups, Nic has been able to find success through some of the largest companies in the US.

Nic is currently working on a new venture with a partner to build a portfolio of companies and/or initiatives that deliver both financial results and intrinsic significance. The plan is to create and iterate upon a business model that continually contributes to a portfolio that can be automated or sold in 5 years or less yielding $1M or more in revenue.

Nic enjoys writing in the 3rd person and lives with his wife and 2 kids in San Diego, California.