Everyday we wander through a world designed to distract us. We divide our attention between interruptions, demands, and intrusions on our focus. We justify these distractions by glorifying busyness and action as our ultimate success measure.

This distracted existence limits our potential. Lacking presence, we fail to see that what is most important. We forget about what inspiration feels like when we focus on something larger than ourselves.

Crafted Design is a small space of inspiration designed to bring you back to focus. A curated set of articles crafted to inspire imagination and deep focus on what matters most.

By engaging, you create a small shift in yourself that moves you from an existence of wandering generality to becoming meaningful specific. Going from distraction to presence happens one small change at a time.

About Nic

I’m the editor and creator of Crafted Design. Here is a a brief synopsis about my experience to qualify me for people who care.

Nic believes that it’s possible to inspire change through meaningful work. He made Director of a large financial institution at 30 and is currently leading two national product launches. With a decade of experience leading operations, strategy, and startups, Nic has been able to find success both in startups and within some of the largest companies in the US.

Nic has found presence while accelerating his career, supporting his family, and pursuing his purpose. He started this project because purpose and presence seems to be missing from our lives.

Nic enjoys writing in the 3rd person and lives with his wife and 2 kids in San Diego, California.