About Crafted Design

The Artisan is the founder of Crafted Design, a site that aims to inspire you to live a life of fulfillment and purpose.  Crafted Design is extrapolated from the fact that we are all well crafted designs, meant to live for something greater than ourselves.  Living is not an end in and of itself, but a means to a much larger purpose that transcends the individual. The articles and resources on this site are meant to be guideposts as you embark on your journey to find purpose and direction.

Where to begin

If you are new to the site, I would start at the beginning read through the first 5 articles.  The first 5 articles explores your journey to defining purpose, establishing goals, and understanding your foundation.  Each article is linked to the next at the bottom of the page so it’s easy to navigate.  Once you have read and applied the ‘Action Items’, feel free to browse any articles or just start with the most recent.  Check back weekly or at your leisure for more insights.

Why ‘The Artisan’

You may notice mention of The Artisan throughout this site.  This is an effort to a) create some anonymity to myself and b) inspire the artists and artisans in us all.

The Artisan is an idea, an inspiration, and a reflection of the creativity that lives inside us all.  We are not cogs that fit into a machine, but individuals that have the creativity to create.  Prior to Scientific Management and the Ford production line, artisans and craftsmen defined their trade.  They honed their skills, developed their art, and were unique in how they approached the work. Quality, not efficiency, was the top priority and goods were meant to last.  This is true of the new knowledge worker.  We need to find our roots and move back to a day where we refine our skills to be true craftsmen and artists.  The authors of this site are executives at Fortune 100 companies and start up operators.  They come from all walks of life to inspire you where you are at. The pen name allows for candid prose and a valuable content to be shared.  This shouldn’t diminish the content, know that each article has a lot of experience behind it.

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