The purpose of the Crafted Design


Crafted.Design is meant to be a valuable resource to those pursuing something greater than themselves. As you read and try some of the approaches and tools provided, know that everything presented are things we found valuable.  Every product has a purpose and is one that I use or have used, every website is one I check, every book one I read or have read.  Use and share this resource if you find it valuable; it was crafted just for you.

The Artisan

So who is The Artisan?  The Artisan is a person skilled in an applied art or craft.  We are all Artisans, we all have an art or craft we care deeply about whether we know it or not. We were designed, as humans, to have work that fulfills and has purpose.  This design is what makes it so necessary for us to craft a design for our life. If you don’t structure your life, it will get structured for you.  Artisans used to be the standard for how work got done. Learning, developing skills, establishing process, marketing, delivering, and developing the craft was an integral part of every profession.  The onset of Taylorism  and the factory line created a culture celebrating interchangeable and mediocre with modest results.  The Artisan was obsolete.  This is not the case anymore.  Our value as human cogs is being replaced through automation and technology.  Our innate value will be defined by 2 things, inspiration and creativity.  Whether in our schools,  our work, or just life in general, the rise of the artisan is upon us.  Will you differentiate yourself, or be replaced?

My Crafted Design

I’ll share a little about myself through the Crafted Design for my life. Remember, Crafted.Design is not about me, it’s about you.  Use this as an example only as far as it inspires you to document your design and start executing it.

Purpose Statement

Create impact through the development of  a well crafted design. 

Detailed Mission

As an artisan to his craft, skillfully construct every opportunity to learn and refine my skills to pursue my purpose.  Let quality and appreciation drive my performance as I work for something greater than myself.  Dedicate myself through daily discipline to achieve my goals and never lose sight of the big picture. I’m affirmed of my identify not by my achievements, but through my purpose and direction.  My knowledge is grown daily through every aspect of my personal growth.

Strategic Design

  • Develop Myself – Only through preparation and self investment can I help anyone.  Refine myself like iron in the fire
  • Partner Strategically – Create relationships where the product is greater than the sum of it’s parts
  • Collaborate and Aggregate – Pool the knowledge and resources utilized to craft my design
  • Impact through Influence – Create exponential impact by expanding influence
  • Be Present – Experience every aspect of this life, to live it as designed

Tactical Strategy

Develop Myself
  • Spiritually
    • Read the Bible daily and complete it in a year, end to end
  • Physically
    • Weight train 5 times a week
    • Drop to 11% body fat in 2017
  • Mentally
    • Read 29 books in 2017
  • Emotionally
    • Work on empathy and take a consistent gauge with my wife
Partner Strategically
  • Friendships
    • Evaluate where my time is being spent with friends and if that aligns with my purpose
  • Career
    • View my career as a partnership with benefits to both  parties
  • Network
    • Expand my network outside of work
  • Counsel
    • Meet with my mentors at once every 2 months
Collaborate and Aggregate
  • Written
    • Develop consistent content for as a resource
  • Spoken
    • Set up a venue for speaking
  • Visual
    • Create enriching visual content as a resource
Impact through Influence
  • Expand online presence 
    • Crafted.Design
  • Expand career reach and responsibility
    • Drive to be an officer within the next 2 years
  • Expand communal reach
Be Present
  • Put first; God, family, priorities
  • Take trips, relax and enjoy life
  • Notice the beautiful world around me